Sunday, February 04, 2007

No pictures today, sorry! Someone (ahem) needs to charge the camera batteries. I never think of it until I want to take a picture....

I've done about 7 inches on the Emerald sweater, 4" or so of 2x2 ribbing and 3" of stockinette. This thing is already heavy! It does hurt my wrists somewhat (all the weight hanging off the needles) so it's going to be slow going, I can only knit 4 rows or so without taking a break. I love the way the colors are turning out though!

Also, I start working on Thursday night and work a lot of days in February. Posting here may be VERY hit and miss for the next few weeks. Of course, by the time February is over I might have some sweater progress for you! I have a feeling that working nights and sleeping days will severely curtail my crafting time, at least until my orientation period is over and I begin working my regular 24 hour a week shifts. But just think of all the stash enhancement I'll be able to do with those paychecks!

And in football news: Hooray for the Colts! I didn't want to see the Bears win (since they beat the Hawks), and I was really happy to see Peyton Manning finally overcome his post season blahs and show what he can accomplish.

That's all for now, folks! (insert pig noises here)


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