Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lots of news for this post, but no pictures, sorry!

My Spin to Knit secret pal package came today and it is gorgeous! I received a lovely skein of yarn, a sample of the fiber used to spin the yarn, a skein of sock yarn, and a handmade soap! I promise to get a picture of it and post it within the next few days.

The results are in and I passed the NCLEX! Yep, I am now officially a registered nurse. Yippee!! All those years of school will finally pay off! :) Unfortunately, my very good friend who took the test the same day I did did not pass :( She is understandably depressed and I have to admit it took some of my happiness away, as I was hoping to share it with her. But, all is not lost... she can retake the test in 90 days and I am sure she will pass it with flying colors. She just has a lot of stress and life things happening right now which (I'm sure) detracted from her ability to study.

Bejeweled is almost finished, but it has taken quite a bit more yarn than the pattern called for. By the time it's complete I'll have around 400 yards of aran weight yarn invested, but wow are the results gorgeous! Next on the needles will be the beginnings of Emerald by Knitty done in Fleece Artist Country Mohair in the Pinata colorway. More on that later....


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