Friday, August 25, 2006

Wow, where does the time go? It's been 3 weeks since I posted last... in fact I forgot my user name and password! What a headache!

School is finally out for the summer. I passed the Statistics class (B+) and now have just one more quarter to go and I'll be a full-fledged RN. Yeah! You have no idea how much I want school to be done for a while. It's been darn near 4 years and I'm tired!

On the crafting front: not much spinning has been done. I'm still working on the Corriedale pencil roving but I haven't spun since the last time I posted. I've been totally wrapped up in knitting the mystery stole 2 for the whole month of August. Now, you'd think that I'd be done with it, but NO!!! Obviously I am the slowest knitter on the planet. I am to clue 6 on one side only, and I've knit it several times but end up ripping it back when I find odd errors. That has made me decide to put a lifeline in every 5 rows for this clue only. I had banished lifelines other than at the end of a clue, but this one is kicking my ass so.....

Quilting wise I've been working on my WASIQ WA State Swap #9 blocks. It's a group of quilters from (or with connections to) Washington state, and we do a block swap every year. Those should be done by the end of next week and sent off. It's been nice to sew again, but right now I'm so wrapped up in knitting that I've had a hard time concentrating on them. How do all of you multi crafters balance your crafting time between obsessions? :)

I've also had my annual birthday (they do come yearly, huh?) and I'm now 45. The birthday itself was fine, Rick and I went out to dinner, I got several cards and some nice sock yarn, needles and a sock knitting book. I also got a huge order of Henry's Attic yarns so I can dye to my hearts content once they get here! I indulged in some Kona Fingering, Silk and Ivory, and Soie Naturelle Petite. You really can't beat the price through the Yahoo coop group and I can't wait for it all to get here!

Now I'm off to the fabric store to help a friend pick out fabric for a purse I've promised to make her. Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

So much for posting daily! Life has been busy here and I don't always get a chance to spend any time blogging.
My class received their clinical nursing assignments for our last quarter a few days ago. I will admit to being disappointed, as I wasn't the recipient of a "mentored" assignment, just plain old Med/Surg with a different preceptor nurse for each clinical day.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not so sure that I deserved a mentored position, and I'm not even sure I wanted one! It just felt like I was being "passed over", since I was the only person that was recommended for an independent position 4th quarter that didn't get a mentored position in 6th. And then, as usual, some people who are known to have piss poor clinical skills did get mentored postions.

Oh well, enough whining, I'm ok with it now and either way, once this quarter is over I'm DONE!!!!

I've been knitting away at the Mystery Stole 2, finally got past clue 1 (seriously, I cast that one on 13 times!). Haven't done much more with Seraphim... those stockinette rows are getting really, really boring!

I did start to spin up some beautiful pencil roving I received from a coop with Crown Mountain Farms. It's corriedale in a beautiful pink/red/orange/yellow colorway and I'm spinning it pretty fine. So far, so good!

Tomorrow we are off for a weekend in Eastern Wa visiting relatives. It will be a nice break for all of us, and we'll have plenty of time to swim in the pool!