Tuesday, February 27, 2007

This working for a living stuff has seriously dented my knitting/spinning/quilting time! I haven't done a stitch of crafting since I started work :( I think I'm having withdrawals! The good news is that starting Thursday I'll have 5 days off in a row, so perhaps I can at least knit a bit more on the Emerald sweater.

I also broke down and joined the Rockin Sock Club for 2007. I know, I know... I said I wasn't going to join but how could I resist when they extended the payment deadline? I can't wait to start getting STR in the mail!

Work is going really well. The people are helpful and supportive, the patients are (for the most part) fantastic, and I'm really enjoying being a nurse! Of course, the paychecks are pleasant too... ;) I finish my orientation at the end of next week and will be officially "on my own". There are still tons of things I need to learn more about, but that will happen when patients with those types of issues come in. I just feel so lucky to have found such a fantastic place to work on my first try! The benefits are A+, I even get 9 or so days of vacation this year, and with the way my schedule works out, I can actually take over 4 weeks off using just those 9 days. You can't beat that!

At any rate, I will do my best to be more productive craft wise and post more often here. Maybe I'll charge the camera batteries and even have pictures! hahaha
Hope you're all doing well and enjoying life!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


My cousin is dying. She's a beautiful person who has only been on this earth for 47 years. She has been battling cancer for several years but now she is losing the fight. We haven't been particularly close since we became adults, but as a child I always looked up to her since she was the oldest of us. I wanted to be just like her, I was envious of her looks, her personality, her "perfect" family, etc. (yep, I was a bratty child/teenager)

Shannon always wanted a large family but was unable to have children. She and her husband adopted two great kids from Korea and have been outstanding parents. Their youngest child is developmentally disabled and requires a lot of care. Both she and her husband have been incredibly devoted to their children and their faith, donating uncounted hours of their time and money to their church mission.

I know that she believes she is going to a better place where she will be with her mother and grandmother, both of whom she loved dearly. I also know that she will be missed every day by those she is leaving behind. Your thoughts and prayers for her family would be much appreciated. ***edit: She passed on 2/22/2007 around 1:45pm PST. Funny how even when something is expected, it can still knock you for a loop. This is the first of my generation of family that has passed away and it has left a hole in my life that can't be filled.***


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

This will probably be a long rambling incoherent post but bear with me... I had my orientation for my new job today. Lots of paperwork and a short tour of the unit I'll be working on. I also had my picture taken and was presented with my new badge. Wow! What a feeling, to see that badge with my picture and name, and there below my name in bold letters it says RN. I think the sight of that badge finally brought home the fact that I am a nurse. I'm expected to be knowledgeable, caring, compassionate, sympathetic, and empathetic. I'm the advocate for these patients. It's my responsibility to ensure they are receiving the very best care they can get, and to deliver a large part of that care.

Part of me wants to run screaming, saying "WTF was I thinking? I'm no nurse!" and another part of me wants to put on my scrubs and stethoscope and dive right in. Of course, the evil part of my personality wants to get notarized copies of my badge to send to all those people who never thought I could do it..... :)

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm terrified/excited/exhausted/terrified/elated/(did I say terrified?). I feel almost bipolar, with really big highs and fairly low lows. Now, this may all be partly due to the fact that I'm trying to change my sleeping schedule to up all night, sleep all day... and so far it's not working too damn well! I can make it up till 1 or 2 with no problem, but then I'm wiped out. Last night I fell asleep sometime after 1am, got up at 6 to get Alex off to school and get ready for my appointment. I left the house at 7:15, drove to the county Health Dept. to pick up copies of my immunization records (what happened to my copies is what I'd like to know!) and then to the orientation. From there I drove to a friends house and gave her some advice on studying for the NCLEX, (along with some online window shopping and visiting with her dogs), and got home at 2:45. After homework supervision, dinner making, grandson sitting and American Idol watching it's midnight... and I'm tired now dammit! But, no rest for the weary, at least not until 2am. I have to be able to sleep tomorrow!

Ok, enough whining. I can do this and it will all be fine. I'll relate my first few days in a post as soon as I have some time. Wish me well!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

No pictures today, sorry! Someone (ahem) needs to charge the camera batteries. I never think of it until I want to take a picture....

I've done about 7 inches on the Emerald sweater, 4" or so of 2x2 ribbing and 3" of stockinette. This thing is already heavy! It does hurt my wrists somewhat (all the weight hanging off the needles) so it's going to be slow going, I can only knit 4 rows or so without taking a break. I love the way the colors are turning out though!

Also, I start working on Thursday night and work a lot of days in February. Posting here may be VERY hit and miss for the next few weeks. Of course, by the time February is over I might have some sweater progress for you! I have a feeling that working nights and sleeping days will severely curtail my crafting time, at least until my orientation period is over and I begin working my regular 24 hour a week shifts. But just think of all the stash enhancement I'll be able to do with those paychecks!

And in football news: Hooray for the Colts! I didn't want to see the Bears win (since they beat the Hawks), and I was really happy to see Peyton Manning finally overcome his post season blahs and show what he can accomplish.

That's all for now, folks! (insert pig noises here)